Coming Soon: July 28th WOA Open Mic with Carol Lynn Grellas and CharRon Smith

CharRon Smith is a poet, emcee, DJ, spoken word artist and blogger. CharRon has been rapping since he was 10 years old. He has performed with the Washington state rap group Mr. Know it All & the Essence and acclaimed alternative funk band Alphabet Asylum. He has produced music for several Stockton and Sacramento recording artists. Since 2004, He has performed spoken word at Stockton, University of Pacific, Modesto, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento. He has hosted open mic show at Luna’s cafe(Joe Montoya’s poetry unplugged) and Sacramento poetry center several times. He has been a guest host on Black Talk Sacramento with NSAA. His monthly literary zine / tour book, Iambic, celebrates its first anniversary in April. He is currently writing poems on his website:

Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas
Carol Lynn lives in the Sierra Foothills. She attended Santa Clara University, where she was an English major. She is an eight-time Pushcart nominee and a five-time Best of the Net nominee. She is the author of several collections of poetry including, Hasty Notes in No Particular Order, Aldrich Press, and Things I Can’t Remember to Forget, Prolific Press. In 2012 she won the Red Ochre Chapbook contest with her manuscript, “Before I Go to Sleep.” Her latest book, “An Ode to Hope in the Midst of Pandemonium” will be released later this year from Main Street Rag. She is an Editor at The Orchards Poetry Journal and an active member in Sacramento’s Writers on the Air. According to family lore, she is a direct descendant of Robert Louis Stevenson, or at least her mother said so…

Opus in the Midst of Silence

Because he was my piano,
a place I called home; carved
from mahogany wood or angels,

an ivory shrine of intricate keys
held in perfect order from cheek to rim
that unlocked the song in me where

no melody ever played that way before.
Because his heart was a metronome
of beautiful secrets shared, a pyramid

for hidden tombs long buried but never
forgotten, his body unparalleled in regalia
no matter the agedness of sunlight’s

wear, or the unbearable shifting from lust
to relief that occurs when life takes over.
Because his voice was limitless

with a myriad of notes forcing memories
to pierce through that breath-dead harpsichord
yet once more, hoping to penetrate what used

to be, as if my same soul remained—
but because he was my piano, he was
a place I could sit and linger, lament

my way through old music and broken rolls
until rotating pins finally bore through,
became unfastened and a never-ending

roundabout of love pressed past
the bridge into some kind
of sacred vibration. n Blue Fifth Review and nominated for

CharRon Smith
CharRon is a regular spoken word artist at Lunas and at other venues, including this one. He is the publisher of I-am-bic, a monthly pamphlet with a schedule of events many Sacramento venues as well as including interviews and notes of interest to the poet community. He is also a member of the board at the Sacramento Poetry Center

WOA Featured Readers Gerrie Walker and Jacki Smithson Howard, June 23rd, 2018

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WOA Open Mic Reading, June 23rd, 2018

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WOA Open Mic Reading, May 26th, 2018

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In Memoriam- Pat Nichol- Poet, Writer, Activist

in memoriam

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WOA Featured Readers Victoria Blanco and Jesse Dewhurst, May26th, 2018

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WOA Open Mic Readings, April 21st, 2018

Readings from Open Mic, April 21st, 2018 recorded at Sacramento Poetry Center. Produced by todd boyd.

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WOA Open Mic, April 21st 2018, Featured Readers Tim McHargue and Mary McGrath

Hear Featured Readers Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue read their poetry and recite their stories. Recorded April 21st, 2018 at Sacramento Poetry Center. Produced by todd boyd.

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WOA Open Mic Reading, March 24th, 2018

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Produced by Kae Sable and todd boyd

WOA Open Mic-April 21st-w/ Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue

On April 21st WOA will host an Open Mic with Featured Readers Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue, two storytellers as well as poets and prose writers.
Mary McGrath has been a strong voice in the storytelling community for many years. She taught a class, “The Art of Storytelling” at City College, and has produced three storytelling festivals for UNICEF and two festivals for Project Heifer. She, along with poet Sue Daly run a monthly program of storytelling and poetry at the Avid Reader on Broadway (last Friday of the month), and she has been nominated for the Oracle Award by the National Storytelling Network in 2018. This year she produced a multimedia program as a tribute to Peig Sayers, the Queen of Irish Storytelling, for the Irish American Crossroads Festival in San Francisco. She is committed to the creation of community through storytelling, and looks for the hearth where the story can live. She enjoys telling original created works, as well as folklore and mythology.
Tim McHargue has published three books of prose poetry, Typography of the Flesh: Thirty Prose Poems; Bali Rain Psalm: The Bali Prose Poems; and Wig Bubbles. He has also published freelance articles on art, entertainment, and social issues in numerous publications in the Sacramento area. He plays guitar and composes songs, and produced a CD of his original music called “Into the Real.” Tim has been exploring the intersection of writing, art and music and has engaged in performance art using multimedia at various venues. For his day job, Tim is a school psychologist, counselor and director of disability services at Folsom Lake College. Finally, he has a book of stories called “Strange Dances: Reflections on Counseling International Students in Indonesia, ” written while living in Jakata, on the island of Java, where it was difficult to find a good cup of coffee.
The optional theme for this Open Mic will be to write/produce, practice and stand up and tell a 5-7 minute story of any genre you want. Stories can of course be autobiographical (maybe with a little fictional twist), or just downright lies (fiction). Remember this is optional because we’d just like to see you there.
Please RSVP Yes or No. Open mic’ers need to sign up early.