Coming Soon: WOA Open Mic with Features Frank Andrick, Lynette Blumhardt, and Stuart Canton, April 27th, 2019

Come on all you Writers On the Air and enjoy a classical, mythological poetic wandering of Frank Andrick-a oftentimes poignant or humorous, oftentimes both, story or poem by Lynette Blumhardt-and a reading from Stuart Canton’s new chapbook.
Then, pull out your own poetic, storytelling creation for everyone to enjoy and appreciate or just sit back and listen, have a mimosa or two (but maybe not three), some breakfast goodies and before you know it you’re filled up with new and old ideas to take home with you and create or maybe you’ll reread that poem you wrote a long time ago or finally make up your mind to write that novel you always wanted to write.
Yes, Writers On the Air can do all that.

Frank Andrick

  1. That Guy! What an FU#$%&@G Idiot!~ Anon
  2. “The Renaissance man Of Sacramento Poetry” ~ Geoffrey Neill Poet & Publisher ‘little m press’ 
  3. A remarkable creative voice with a remarkable story to tell, Frank Andrick has been a record promoter, a deejay, a poet, a hepatitis patient and a self-described “name-dropping whore”~Cosmo Garvin SN&R
  4. Then there’s frank andrick who holds the flame of Charles Baudelaire high overhead. He’s got a Surreal role to his language and a gentility anchored to the darker side of night”~ Neeli Cherkovski Poet, Painter, Biographer and Professor Emeritus 
  5. “Thats a good, NO that’s a Great Poem” re. ‘AOL Lamantia Poem’~ Patti Smith Poet, Novelist, Musician 
  6. “Francois, You are like a Sage. A true Poet, like Baudelaire, a Poet and a Philosopher” Prof. Gerard Bleriot The Sorbonne Paris 15th Century Literature 
  7.  “The Baudelairian scholar brought a diverse set of writers to Sacramento, like the feminist hell-raiser Michelle Tea and the porn star-turned-poet (and this month’s Penthouse Pet) Kayden Kross. He gives new meaning to productivity and insight into the esteemed title of “Name-Dropping Whore.” ~Josh Fernandez Poet, Professor, Marathon Runner & Dad 
  8.  They conspire to rush the stage, these savage warring poetry tribes! Who stops them cold, and puts them in single file parade form? frank andrick, that’s who. And the world of poetry has a hero there. Believe me, you wouldn’t want the criers, chest thumpers, slammers, and face huggers of the poetry scene running amuck across your Luna’s burrito. That’s the heroism.  Mikey says: ‘Nuff said.

Frank andrick has lived in San Francisco, Paris, Montreal, Lockeford and Sacramento, where he has been an integral part of the poetry scene for many years. He’s deeply influenced by French poets such as Verlaine and Baudelaire, andrick’s poetry flirts with surrealism at times, but I think of him as a romantic as well – one who believes that art, and the sharing of it, can redeem humanity to some extent. ~ Bob Stanley Poet, Publisher, Sacramento Poet Laureate

Lynette Blumhardt

Lynette has lent her voice to Writers on the Air since the beginning, going on 2 ½ years ago when everyone was recording in their closets, on cell phones, and ipods. Her wry sense of humor and ability to cast humor as a central character in her writing makes listening to her stories all the more enjoyable. She writes: I like Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Walking Dead, and Sue Grafton books, which tells you a bit about my level of sophistication. I’m a devoted people watcher, amateur archaeologist, and a reluctant family caregiver, which tells you something about my relationship to humanity. Roll all of these together, and I come out less a creative writer than a storyteller. I am happy to be able to share some of my stories with you on February 24th

Stuart Canton is the president of The Sacramento Poetry Center, and is Editor of their online publication, Poetry Now. He won a Bazzanella Award at Sacramento State where he became involved with surrealism and ecopoetics. He has been published locally in Brevities, The American River Review, and “WTF!?,” among others. His chapbook, A Field Guide For The Coming Extinction was recently published by Little M Press. He enjoys cooking almost as much as writing, and owns barely more literature than cookbooks.

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