Coming Up: Open Mic with Storytellers Sue Hobbs, Suzi Byrd, and Poet Mary Zeppa

Come and join us in a social gathering of poets and other writers in an anti-soiree of morning poetry and storytelling from local ( and sometimes visiting poets), mimosas, coffee, sweets, social and listening pleasures.
All are encouraged to come but first an RSVP is requested, either yes or no will do.
Our Features this month will be local Storyteller(s) Sue Hobbs, Suzi Byrd, and poet Mary Zeppa, one of the co-starters of the Poetry Center.
This optional (writing) theme is Summertime Flings, or What Love Summertime Sometimes Brings.
The public is encouraged to come and read at the open mic or just listen and enjoy the scenery. Open Mic limit 5-7minutes (at the discretion of the Host).
We do accept donations.
Here’s some info about the Features:
Sue Hobbs The title of my story is “The Jam.” Here is a little bit about me: I am a tenure track professor at Sacramento State University in the Child Development Program. I am a member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi, which is a Native American tribe with headquarters in Shawnee, Oklahoma. My Potawatomi name is Shishib’kwe (pronounced she -she- buh- kway). It means Duck Woman. I have two daughters and four grandchildren (one was just born on May 8).

Suzi Byrd I work at Sacramento State as administrative support staff. I have two degrees, one in biological sciences and one in art studio. Neither of which I use professionally. I live in Sacramento with my two daughters.

R. Marthaler is a storyteller

Mary Zeppa is a singer and lyricist as well as a poet and literary journalist, has been active in the Sacramento Poetry Center (SPC) since 1981. Zeppa served as Co-Editor of Poet News from 1984-1995 and was a founding Editor (1993) of The Tule Review. She currently serves as co-host of the Third Thursday in the Sacramento Room series and as SPC’s Archivist Emeritus

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