Free Info Session May 21st and Holistic Fair June 12th

Hi folks,

For anyone who might be interested, I’m giving a free talk on my new book, The 5-Element Guide to Healing with Whole Foods on Saturday, May 21st, 11a-12p. It will be at the High Mountain Wellbeing Center on 5th Street in Midtown. There is a $5 donation request to help cover the rental fees.

And on Sunday, June 12, I will have a booth at the Lolo Mind Body and Soul Festival at Johnson-Springview Park (Rocklin), from 10a-2p. There will be lots of great holistic booths for those interested in attending.

This article was written by dthunderbooks

Denise Thunderhawk discovered her love of writing action/crime novels while living in Santa Fe, NM. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, reading crime novels, and writing novel adventures. Denise is currently putting the finishing touches on another Braddock novel,The Burning Wolves. Stay tuned... "I've enjoyed writing creatively since I was a kid but I've spent most of my adult/professional life writing in a dry, technical fashion, because of the work I did in the criminal justice system. Moving to Santa Fe activated my creative writing "juices" and the story flew from my fingers so fast I had to pace myself. I wrote frantically into the wee hours on many a night because I had the "juice" and wasn't able to stop until it was all out. I wrote my first book, "A Bump in the Road," a personal memoir, in 4 ½ months. During that time, another story nagged at me. I bought a small notebook and on the front, in red ink, I wrote "Write What You Know" as inspiration. It was on those blank pages that chapter one of my first novel adventure came to life. I finished the memoir then turned my attention to the fiction story I couldn't get out of my head. A friend asked me, "How do you know when the book is finished?" "The book's finished when the story's finished," I replied. "I just know when to stop." And there it is - a short summary of my writing habits (when it's done, it's done, and that's all there is to it). I start with a vague idea and a title, then I let the story take me where it wants to go. Then I finish the book, simply put, when the story's done.

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