Coming Soon: WOA Open Mic, August 25th with Featured Readers TJ aka Brother Hypnotic and Elaine Fine

Tajiye L. Antwine aka Brother Hypnotic; is the CEO and founder of He is a publisher, novelist, writer of poetry and short stories. Born in Hollywood, CA and was raised in Compton, CA until the age of six. Later moved to Long Beach, CA and that is where I got my degree in ghetto existence in a fraudulent and unjust America. I burn negativity as fuel and do my absolute best to bring minority culture to the forefront. “If I offend you then you don’t understand me but if I inspire you then you will learn to love me”.

And Elaine Fine

I’ve been published once, in the American River Review with my poem “Double Radical” under the name Elaine Lenore. What inspires me when I write is the fascinating relationships I have and have had in my past. I’m inspired by how beautiful human relationships can be and also how ugly. I’m inspired by romance, sensuality and obsession, and also by melancholy, nostalgia, and sometimes rage. I find other writers’ work inspiring and am fortunate to have many writer friends who feed the fire in my writer’s heart. A cat lover and a lover of humanity. Writing helps to cure mental anguish and hurt from the past. Lunas is a second home to me and I’ve meet some wonderful people there. Studied Creative writing at American River College and was just recently publish by Blacktastic Books in the digital copy of PRIMAL.