Coming Soon: WOA Open Mic, August 25th with Featured Readers TJ aka Brother Hypnotic and Elaine Fine

Tajiye L. Antwine aka Brother Hypnotic; is the CEO and founder of He is a publisher, novelist, writer of poetry and short stories. Born in Hollywood, CA and was raised in Compton, CA until the age of six. Later moved to Long Beach, CA and that is where I got my degree in ghetto existence in a fraudulent and unjust America. I burn negativity as fuel and do my absolute best to bring minority culture to the forefront. “If I offend you then you don’t understand me but if I inspire you then you will learn to love me”.

And Elaine Fine

I’ve been published once, in the American River Review with my poem “Double Radical” under the name Elaine Lenore. What inspires me when I write is the fascinating relationships I have and have had in my past. I’m inspired by how beautiful human relationships can be and also how ugly. I’m inspired by romance, sensuality and obsession, and also by melancholy, nostalgia, and sometimes rage. I find other writers’ work inspiring and am fortunate to have many writer friends who feed the fire in my writer’s heart. A cat lover and a lover of humanity. Writing helps to cure mental anguish and hurt from the past. Lunas is a second home to me and I’ve meet some wonderful people there. Studied Creative writing at American River College and was just recently publish by Blacktastic Books in the digital copy of PRIMAL.

WOA Open Mic, April 21st 2018, Featured Readers Tim McHargue and Mary McGrath

Hear Featured Readers Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue read their poetry and recite their stories. Recorded April 21st, 2018 at Sacramento Poetry Center. Produced by todd boyd.

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WOA Open Mic Reading, March 24th, 2018

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Produced by Kae Sable and todd boyd

WOA Open Mic-April 21st-w/ Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue

On April 21st WOA will host an Open Mic with Featured Readers Mary McGrath and Tim McHargue, two storytellers as well as poets and prose writers.
Mary McGrath has been a strong voice in the storytelling community for many years. She taught a class, “The Art of Storytelling” at City College, and has produced three storytelling festivals for UNICEF and two festivals for Project Heifer. She, along with poet Sue Daly run a monthly program of storytelling and poetry at the Avid Reader on Broadway (last Friday of the month), and she has been nominated for the Oracle Award by the National Storytelling Network in 2018. This year she produced a multimedia program as a tribute to Peig Sayers, the Queen of Irish Storytelling, for the Irish American Crossroads Festival in San Francisco. She is committed to the creation of community through storytelling, and looks for the hearth where the story can live. She enjoys telling original created works, as well as folklore and mythology.
Tim McHargue has published three books of prose poetry, Typography of the Flesh: Thirty Prose Poems; Bali Rain Psalm: The Bali Prose Poems; and Wig Bubbles. He has also published freelance articles on art, entertainment, and social issues in numerous publications in the Sacramento area. He plays guitar and composes songs, and produced a CD of his original music called “Into the Real.” Tim has been exploring the intersection of writing, art and music and has engaged in performance art using multimedia at various venues. For his day job, Tim is a school psychologist, counselor and director of disability services at Folsom Lake College. Finally, he has a book of stories called “Strange Dances: Reflections on Counseling International Students in Indonesia, ” written while living in Jakata, on the island of Java, where it was difficult to find a good cup of coffee.
The optional theme for this Open Mic will be to write/produce, practice and stand up and tell a 5-7 minute story of any genre you want. Stories can of course be autobiographical (maybe with a little fictional twist), or just downright lies (fiction). Remember this is optional because we’d just like to see you there.
Please RSVP Yes or No. Open mic’ers need to sign up early.

Open Mic Featured Readers Frederick Foote and Katya Mills- March 24th, 2018

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Open Mic February 24th, 2018 Featured Readers Frank Andrick and Lynette Blumhardt Read

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Open Mic Reading March 24th, 2018- Featuring Frederick Foote and Katya Mills

Come and listen to two local Sacramento writers. Both Frederick and Katya have published numerous novels, short stories, and poetry.
Frederick hosts a local writing and critique group. You can find some of his work here at Writers On the Air as well as at his blog.
Katya’s work can also be found here as well as at her website.

Frederick Foote
Since 2014 Frederick has published over two- hundred stories and poems including literary, science fiction, fables, and horror genres. Frederick has published two short story collections, For the Sake of Soul, (2015) and, Crossroads Encounters, (2016). Frederick hosts the Prose and Poetry Meet Up group and is a member of the INK writers workshop and is currently preparing a short story collection manuscript.

To see a list of Frederick’s publications, go to Foote

Katya Mills
Girl Without Borders and other novels.
I am an Independent Author, Blogger, Novelist, and Social Worker. I like silence and intermittent noise. I like mostly sunshine between great storms. I feel good when devoted to something. I love a little ritual madness. I probably seem a little off. I hope I always am. I wanna keep my heart in the right place. I like to get in and out of self. I believe in freedom of self-expression, and I work very hard at my craft. I hope you take the time to read something I wrote. I try and keep the language fresh, and experiment. The one and only common element is my style, which cements the language.
Though I often keep to myself, I have been inspired by community. We can leave the splicers and spammers and false prophets to spin out their karma through nefarious or sorry undertakings. Let them be common and transparent. I try and be nice and practice loving kindness, but not at the expense of honesty. My prayers go out to anyone who perpetrates ill will, online or off.
Inspire me, inspire you. Please share and reshare my work, so to inspire others! All of my writings / photos / videos / songs are naturally copyrighted K. Some of my Youtube videos are attributed to Creative Commons. My opinions and expressions are meant to raise consciousness, generate energy and deepen understanding. And sometimes I just need to let go. – KatYa

The open mic is open to the public. Readings are recorded and published here and played at KUBU 96.5 LP-FM station in Sacramento. Streamed at voice- and mobile app KUBU 96.5

WOA Open Mic Reading, January 27th, 2018

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WOA Open Mic, January 27th, 2018, Featured Reader Izzy LaLa

Reading by Izzy LaLa at Sacramento Poetry Center on January 27th, 2018

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WOA Open Mic, January 27th, 2018, Featured Reader Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

Reading by Jennifer O’Neill Pickering on January 27th, 2018.

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