Welcome and Goodbye

Hello Everybody,
The following posts include the introduction of Dime Show Review, a literary journal founded by Kae Sable who also represents Writers On the Air as well as doing a good portion of the audio programming for Writers On the Air. Frederick Foote who has also submitted some of his stories to WOA is involved in the Journal as well. I just want to congratulate Kae and others who may be responsible for Dime Show Review for adding to our community of literary endeavors. They are taking submissions so visit their site linked in the following post.
On Sunday I went to the local Black Writers Book Fair and have written some comments. I would be happy to see if anyone reading these pages attended and to let us know a little more about it.
And on the down side of things but up for her, I hope, Diana Crun Chewy, one of the integral sponsors/organizers of Shut Up and Write in Sacramento is leaving for New Orleans. I hope she’ll continue to stay in touch through Writers On the Air/Shut Up and Write.

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