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On December 31, WOA Had it’s final open mic of the old year. Despite several people having health issues and couldn’t make it, it was a good finish to our first year of being on the air. Our next Open Mic will be January 28, 2017. Look for it on the Meetup page and in the event calendar for this website.
Here’s wishing and a hoping for a healthy, active, and creative New Year. WOA will be making a few changes in regard to venues as well as providing more opportunities for participation. We have become a good core group of writers but WOA is looking forward to all those who have taken the step to be included in the Writers On the Air Meetup but who for various reasons I’m sure, have been reluctant to venture into an Open Mic reading.
I want to encourage all interested people to come and listen at one of our Open Mics without feeling as if you have to read. All our Open Mics are open to the public. Most Open Mics are Saturday mornings but there are other opportunities for those who aren’t working or who have flexible schedules.

December 24th, 2016
December 31st, 2016<strong>Open Mic 1111 H St, Naked Lounge. 10am to 1pm Please RSVP. Happy New Year.
The Open Mic Reading for this month is on December 31st, 2016. This is the end of our first year and the beginning of another. The themes for this reading are Future, Kerouac. Of course, writers can read any material they like but if you have any thoughts-short or long-on the themes join in. There are two main ongoing Themes-The Road to Future USA, and The Waiting Room, which will have multiple themes. How these themes are directed is completely up to the writer. They are meant as motivational, inspirational directions.

December 10th, 2016
Another Update. Looking forward to seeing you all in the coming year in addition to hearing and sharing our writing.
For easier searches, please scroll through the tags and find the name or topic you want to listen to. I’ve started a new Quick Search, 2017, for our new stories and Themes. The new search for 2017 will only include the readers name and what category/theme they fall into. Right now it’s limited to the thematic but whenever anyone reads something outside the theme, we’ll create a category, such as short story, essay, review, Fiction etc.
I’m looking forward to the next year of Writers On the Air and I hope you are too.

December 8th, 2016
Writers On the Air will be going to try and make the website easier to navigate. The most simple tips at this point is to find the column to the left called Quick Search and Scroll down the TAG list until you find the “tag” you’re looking for and click on it. Quick Search 2016 covers most of what has been recorded prior to December 1, 2016. Quick Search 2017 is the tag for more recent recordings. Clicking on the tag should display all the recordings for under that particular title or writer or theme. The other tip is to click on the Themes above under Poetry, The Road to Future, The Waiting Room, etc and listen to the most recent theme based audios.
Soon, the number of tags should diminish so that when I’m done deleting the tags will be under writer’s names and themes, topic, or genre.
Hopefully, it will all be easier.
I’ve also eliminated the registration process and the reference to authors pages. Many of us already have Facebook and other social media to represent us so Writers On the Air will merely reflect the stories, poetry, and other genres produced for WOA.
Thanks for your patience.

November 24th, 2016
Hello Everyone,
It’s been a year since we began airing our stories on KUBU 96.5 LP-FM in Sacramento and a little less on this website. We had a final reading for the year last week, Halloween, and I’ll be posting that on the site soon. I wanted to take a couple weeks off from recording and play around a little with the site and share some ideas about changes for next year.
When we started out some of us were exchanging mp3 files from our phones or simple recording devices, working out of our homes and closets, wherever we happened upon some quiet and inspiration. Since those days we’ve settled into a monthly open mic where most of our recording is done.
The website has gone through a couple of revisions and styles, improvements I think but there is more that can be done.
When we started I hoped for more collaboration either on the site or with some of our readings, but this is not to say that things haven’t worked out. To the contrary, we’ve recorded many stories as well as poetry, a couple of “plays”, interviews, music.
In the coming weeks before the end of year I’ll be getting ideas from those of you I see in addition to thinking about how we might improve. Some of the ideas I’ve entertained have been: working more on a consistent podcast, having more “writing” sessions, trying to get back to the file sharing, self-recording, studio recording, more involvement by members who aren’t currently involved, some fun collaborations, mix it up, more exposure.
More later.

November 19th, 2016
WOA is changing its format in order to provide possible venues for creating and having fun as well. In the coming year there will be many changes, kind of like a ship at sea during a hurricane, it’ll all depend on how big our ship is. I’m not mentioning any names.
WOA will continue to have it’s open mic at least once a month where we can share some of the pieces we’re working on but I’ll also try to have a couple writing meetups a month designed for both collaborations and support writing similar to the Shut Up and Write method. The collaborations will be based on a theme premise of telling stories about our imagined or real journeys but most of all how they (the stories) and how we all share the same humanity. These collaboration involvements can be short lived or extended, much like a soap opera, where collaborators can do anything reasonable in relation to the story line and their character. I understand we all have lives, personal and writing lives, however we don’t have production schedules, delineated responsibilities, nor a need to take it all too seriously. Details will be worked out as we go, trying to be as inclusive and versatile as we can be and remain true to any story we might tell/write.
These writing/collaboration meetups will entail a period for writing on your own as well as working on collaborations between writers, artists, creators of other venues, if there is a desire for that.
WOA would like to include video, visual/word art for the website as well as continue to read, record, and deliver on the local radio station KUBU/Internet and podcast.
For some of us writing is always on our minds if not in our hands but WOA would like to help inspire anyone with the slightest inclination to add their voice because in the coming years (4 at least) our voices need to be heard, either as light, lightening, fire, spark, thunder, rain, uplifting in order to get back to what we do.
All of our voices, all of our stories, real or imagined.
So join us at one of our meetups and open mics.
Play a part in the continuing story of our lives.

October 24th, 2016
It’s almost a year since Writers On the Air became a reality. We evolved from the good old days of closet recordings to having a website and regular venue. The website has evolved somewhat itself and I think I would like to make some changes to it as well as to our monthly itinerary.
Right now we have a once a month open mic, always on a Saturday, at Son of a Bean. Occasionally, this year we had writing sessions, something I’d like to continue.
In order to get a feel for what other writers might want and to consolidate and initiate any changes I’m going to suspend the Open Mic through the Holidays, which means November and December.
In the meantime, here’s some of my ideas on changes.
1. At least during the next two months I’ll arrange writing/brainstorming get togethers to write and get suggestions of how we all might see Writers On the Air in the coming year.
2. I’d like to see more collaborative ventures, such as recently, we’ve been talking about stories by/or read by children. There are issues surrounding this and it is something that needs to be worked on and worked out. Other collaborations might include: short plays, skits, musicals.
3. I’d like to have a couple writing/reading short sessions where we write to a theme/prompt and then record, (voluntarily, of course).
4. We’re still not anywhere near the cutting edge of a podcast of our own so that is something I want to improve on.
5. The registration/author process definitely needs improvement since right now everyone except the two admins ( me and Gena) have limited access. Plus, its all kind of confusing.
6. Look at other ways to expand further into the internet world.
These are just some of the key things I believe need to be considered. If anyone else has ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the subject please let us all know, either through the meetup or this site.
Thanks for all those who have participated in this project and to those who have contributed financially as well.
todd boyd- administrator

Here’s another Writers On the Air Update
September 15th, 2016
The website is in constant flux, I hope everyone has found their way through. If not, please let me know through comments or in person. You can make comments if you’ve registered and been approved.I like change but the most important thing (to me) is making sure all our work gets displayed. I’ve added a Music section and Poetry and divided up the Storytelling into what’s sent to me as text and what’s been recorded.
I’m looking for more collaborations such as with the music or small plays or photography/. Anyone who wants to add more detail such as music, art, other voices to a piece let me know and I’ll work with you if you want.
Here’s a list of some creative and original endeavors we can post here.
. Poetry . Broadsides . Your Events
. Storytelling . Plays . Movie/Book Reviews
. Music . Monologues . Videos

Hey, Writers On the Air Users.
Here’s the scoop. We’re an innovative bunch here. We want writers to hear us as well as we like to listen more than watch. Forget about a website that you have to go through a lot of steps in order to put your creativity up. This site is primarily for, but not limited to, anyone who wants other readers and listeners to this site to read and listen to what they have written or done. That’s pretty simple. Of course, we have standards but parameters are being worked out as we go through the process. Just like life, eh?
The first step is to register. Once registered you become a subscriber. But that’s not all you must do to get “Author” status where you can pretty much put up any work ( remembering we really prefer audio such as poetry, prose, essay, plays, ETC ) you see fit. When you register you should give us a little more information than just an e-mail address that sounds fictitious as hell and has no real sounding name attached to it, as well as no bio info at all.
When we see something like that, we see “delete registration”. NOW, I’m not quick on the judgement calls and realize that some people are reluctant to venture too quickly, too far into the nether world of recording original pieces for the entertainment of others so I don’t “delete registration” right away giving any reluctant writers an opportunity to come up with some bio information and a real name. I think that’s fair.
But if you are a real person and register like a regular human being, we’ll upgrade your status to “Author”. And off we go from there, a mutual collaboration based on equality.
The question of censorship may raise its ugly head and we’ll know when to use it when we see where it might be necessary but with a real e-mail address and name we might be able to work it out (or in).
This is your website as well as ours, dedicated to producing real, original work for podcast and internet radio.
No plagiarism allowed.

In the Beginning
Yes writing is work but it is also play. So.. play on. Don’t worry about whether you’re good enough, smart enough, whether or not you have it, write it like you want to read it. Then get it on Writers On the Air.

We are group of writers and word artists committed to adding our voices to the Sacramento word art community.

We produce a weekly program on KUBU-96.5 FM, Low Power Radio Station on Monday mornings 7-8am PST in Sacramento in addition to internet broadcast through accesssacramento.org. Go to accessasacramento.org, click on KUBU icon. Writers On the Air airs on Mondays, 7-8 am PST.
We are also a Meetup.com group. Go to Meetup.com and look us up as Writers On the Air in the Sacramento area.

We are writers of all genres. Some of us are self-published writers as well as independent, spoken word, comedic, or monologue performers and readers. We are committed to promoting writers through on the air spoken word and internet through this site as well as podcasting, video and other media venues. We are supporters of the wider Sacramento artist community of which we are part.