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Our writing community is composed of writers of all genres, some self-published writers, as well as independent,spoken word, comedic, or monologue performers and readers.

We also produce a weekly program on KUBU-96.5 FM, Low Power Radio Station on Monday mornings 7-8am PST in Sacramento in addition to internet broadcast through Access Sacramento.

We welcome new members. Check out our Meetup.com group, Writers on the Air.

If you are interested in promoting and producing your writing through this medium as well as through podcasting, internet radio, and open mic please consider registering. We look forward to your participation and collaboration with us in producing literary art, poetry, storytelling through this medium as well as at our local radio station. It’s important for you to know that we do not assume any ownership rights for your work but caution that any on line exposure is susceptible to piracy and copyright infringement. It is also advisable that in submitting any work here may jeopardize any subsequent publication of that material to another publishing venue, though it seems debatable whether or not audio broadcasting without text is considered “previously published”.
That being said, this venue is open to any literary genre and we hope you can utilize it to not only promote your art but add to the total literary establishment.
Thank You
todd boyd


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