WOA Open Mic February 24th, 2018 with Featured Readers Frank Andrick and Lynette Blumhardt

On February 24th WOA presents Frank Andrick and Lynette Blumhardt as Featured Readers. These two Featured Readers have very distinct and contrasting styles but are both complete storytellers in their own right. Frank is,deservedly so,Host of the Year 2017 and Lynette is writing a novel in addition to compiling her short stories. Come and listen to these writers. Bring a poem or written piece for the open mic. The public is welcome.

Frank Andrick
Frank Andrick has lived in San Francisco, Paris, Montreal, Lockeford and Sacramento, where he has been an integral part of the poetry scene for many years. He’s deeply influenced by French poets such as Verlaine and Baudelaire, Andrick’s poetry flirts with surrealism at times, but I think of him as a romantic as well – one who believes that art, and the sharing of it, can redeem humanity to some extent. ~ Bob Stanley Poet, Publisher, Sacramento Poet

Lynette Blumhardt
I like Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Walking Dead, and Sue Grafton books, which tells you a bit about my level of sophistication. I’m a devoted people watcher, amateur archaeologist, and a reluctant family caregiver, which tells you something about my relationship to humanity. Roll all of these together, and I come out less a creative writer than a storyteller. I am happy to be able to share some of my stories with you on February 24th

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