Coming Up: WOA Open Mic May 25th with features Sue Daley, Luz Maria Gama, and Lois Abraham

Hello to all you Writers on the Air aficionados. You’re invited to the next WOA event on May 25th featuring Sue Daley, Luz Maria Gama, and Lois Abraham, and of course, YOU and your poetry, short story, prose, fiction, song, anything you can fit into 5-7 minutes. Or just come and have a mimosa, coffee, some treats, and meet other writers who know where you’re coming from. This is one of those moments in a writers life that are fun and inspirational to carry us through the more compressed part of living as a word artist or any artist for that matter.
It’s a good time to get your feet wet if you’ve never read before an appreciative audience or if you’re afraid of the water.
The event is free but we openly and blatantly accept donations.

Lois Ann Abraham is a retired ARC English professor, author of Circus Girl and Other Stories, and Tina Goes to Heaven, a novel. She is presently on the home stretch with her next novel, The Long Art. 

Luz Maria Gama. My Poet name is Luz Maria Gama and in November I will be 69 years old. This year I will celebrate my 50th High School Reunion from Hirahm W. Johnson. I was born in the small town of Teocuitatlan, Jalisco but have lived in Sacramento since 1955..many years before it became  Midtown.It was in the mid 1980’s that Poetry came knocking at my door. I opened the door and let Her in..She has been writing me ever since!A retired Head Start Teacher after 38 years, a mother to two lovely daughters, a grandmother to 7, a sister to one brother, I live with my mother of 92 in Midtown.I have been attending the Monday morning women’s writing group at Women’s Wisdom is an amazing and very supportive group! I wish to write more and travel some soon! I also dream of having my own home with a big back yard for Mr. Meow Meow, my grandkids and Linda, my Precious Inner Child to roam..Peace!

Sue Daly’s poetry has been published in When the Light Changes, Lift it Tenderly Anthology 2017, Sacramento Voices, Brevities, Medusa’s Kitchen, Poetry Now, and Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, among othersSue’s poetry chapbook, titled “A Voice at Last” was published by “DADs Desk Publishing” in 2017. Sue is the author of “Plug into Poetry”, a monthly newsletter highlighting Sacramento area poetry events. She also leads a Poetry Workshop at Wellspring Women’s Center in Sacramento. Sue has an interest in empowering women to find their unique voices through writing and sharing their poetry with others.

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