WOA Zoom-William Carr Feature-June 22nd, 2020

Bill believes in the long poem. The poems that travel down unknown roads and paths, twists and turns, where only imagination can travel blind.It is always grand joy, a desire to pursue for some pass on dramatic skills. We who look to teach others can always distinctly remember how proud those elementary school teachers made them feel when each child performed his/her school work to the best of his/her abilities. The goal of all good teachers and poets is to inspire their future students to perform their skill set to the best of their abilities.My interest in a teaching career continued through my college days at the University of California, Davis.

While at Davis, I majored in English and participated in many forensic events such as plays, poetry readings, and speaking events.During my junior year at Davis, I was awarded a fellowship to [attend any of ten Schools in the Calfornia University system and earn a masters degree. After I was awarded the fellowship, I spent my remaining time at Davis developing my academic skills and preparing for graduate Study. Upon graduation from U.C. Davis, I enrolled in California State University, Sacramento, in the Masters Program, I earned my Masters degree in English language and literature. Immediately after earning my Masters Degree, I obtained both a Community College teaching credential and an Emergency teaching credential and I began to teach professionally.We who have spent  years in teaching and counseling at both the elementary school and junior college levels learn the importance of communication skills. This experience teaches all that the world of instruction is rewarding, yet demanding. Students come to realize that the journey can be both demanding and rewarding in ways that they had never before imagined. While the learning of a new skill set  may appear to an outsider to be tedious and monetarily unrewarding, students find the skill set accomplishment of great joy . Truly.it is the educational trek that powers gaining of the storytelling and poetic skills.

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