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A Place Called Sacramento

  A Place Called Sacramento       The Winners Have Been Selected!   We are proud to announce the ten winners of the “A Place Called Sacramento” scriptwriting competition.   It is worth noting that this scriptwriting competition is unique in the country; the contestants promise to produce their script into a film if they win the competition.   “This film project takes heaps of creativity, commitment and collaboration to turn the winning scripts into final short films to air at the October film premiere.” ~Donna Girot, Executive Director.   Access Sacramento’s core values include localism. The competition scripts are judged in part by how the writers have included Sacramento County into their scripts. The films are produced locally, and the community is uplifted with a local film premiere which is filmed and later aired on local cable channel 17, as well as streamed on www.accesssacramento.org, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.   We also celebrate and encourage originality, for it is this independent, unique, creative thought process that enriches our community.   See Who Won by Clicking HEREGet In On The FUN!   Volunteer your time and talents to help the ten winning screenwriters/producers produce their films between May and end of August.    Are you an editor, but also like to act? Are you good at making calls and organizing processes? Do you like to make meals for large groups of people? Dabble in make-up or scene artistry? Do you want to try your hand at acting or work as a production assistant? This is your opportunity to participate in the filmmaking process!   Volunteers are introduced to the filmmakers at the PCS “Cast and Crew Call” Wednesday, May 10, 2023. Bring a short resume, some business cards, headshots–or whatever you like to market yourself to the filmmakers! We promise it will be a fun and easy environment.   Join us! If you are timid, you’re welcome to be an observer of communal genius in action. Production teams are formed and production commences during the summer months.     Save to My Calendar     You can also follow along on social Media by clicking below.                





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