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BIO: Current self-published author/writer. Blogger, Open Mic Host, Former social studies teacher, social worker, and railroad worker who is no longer in the wage and salary industrial complex so feels free to improvise.

A Page from Papa Laufer’s Stories

Positive Reflections of Life in America

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Welcome to my weekly program, A Page from Papa Laufer’s Stories. I am Andrew Laufer, AKA Papa Laufer. I’ll read you one of 183 single page, personal stories each week. Most of these stories will make you smile, a few will make you cry, and others will make you think about important aspects of life moving you to deeper conversations. In sharing these stories with you, you’ll know me better than most and hopefully you’ll be willing to share your stories with me. Please, send your comments, critiques, or stories to me at

Episode #1 25th Anniversary
Episode #2 50th Birthday
Episode #3 A Fishing Story
Episode #4 A Frightful Night
Episode #5 A Hand Out of a Waterfall
Episode #6 A Thank You Note
Episode #7 A Walk In Palm Springs
Episode #8 Almost Drowning
Episode #9 Alone at the Cabin
Episode #10 Alpha Fetal Protein Test
Episode #11 Alzheimers Facility
Episode #12 Another world
Episode #13 Are You Brothers?
Episode #14 Atascadero State Hospital
Episode # 15 Babies
Episode #16 Barefoot at Stinson Beach
Episode #17 B-B Gun Wars
Episode #18-Behold
Episode #19-Big Brothers
Episode #20-Black History Month
Episode #21- Blessed Sacrament
Episode #22-White Privelege
Episode #23- Bolting Beagles
Episode #24- Bonkers-Dad and Divorce
Episode #25-Brachial Plexitis
Episode #26-Butterflies at Science Academy
Episode #27- Caperone and Martin Bros Winery