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Feature Reading July 6th, 2020

Doreen Procope

Doreen’s Bio-Doreen Procope was born in England to parents who immigrated from Jamaica. Today she lives in Sacramento, California. She’s a wife, mother of two adult children, and a new grandma. 

Doreen discovered her purpose and passion in life during a brief illness. Having very little to do besides focusing upon recovery, she unearthed her passion for writing. In 2019, she published her first book entitled “Be inspired To Inspire”  with her daughter’s company, Mertina Publishing. This collection of faith-based poetry chronicles the journey of a person who has minimal knowledge of God and desires to dig a little deeper. 

Doreen also writes and recites personalized poems for any occasion or event. Today Doreen enjoys a close walk of faith. Her goal is to introduce the concept of faith in a practical and simple manner. Her writings attempt to bridge the gap between humanity and spirituality and the main thrust of her mission is to tell the world there is still hope despite the seemingly prevalent nature of darkness. Doreen outlines the simple process of faith as well as the many facets of this journey. 

Doreen’s hobbies include reading, photography, meeting people and learning new cultures.

To purchase your copy of Be Inspired To Inspire, Please visit:

Amazon: ($18.99) Or Mertina Publishing: http://www.mertinawriting.com/store/beinspired ($14,99 + free shipping)

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