WOA Open Mic-July 20th-w/ Feature Jeremy Greene

Jeremy Greene-Part 1-Poetry and Prose

Jeremy Greene-July 20th, 2020 Feature

Jeremy Greene-Part 2-In Conversation

Langston, Whitman, cancel culture


Mr. Jeremy DeWayne Greene is a school psychologist/poet currently living and working in the Sacramento region. In his spare time, he writes, records, and performs poetry/rap which has been featured in both Sacramento and Shanghai (China) literary circles. Though previously living and working in Shanghai, Mr. Greene strongly connects with his familial roots firmly planted in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

His works can be found on the following platforms: https://gmile.bandcamp.com/, https://www.youtube.com/user/GMile, and https://youtu.be/dWzBWToX4cg (TEDx talk: The Transformative Power of Rejection).

Still Busy aka The Art of Loving From the Moon

Still Busy aka The Art of Loving from the Moon

Isolate Your Distance

Isolate Your Distance

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BIO: Current self-published author/writer. Blogger, Open Mic Host, Former social studies teacher, social worker, and railroad worker who is no longer in the wage and salary industrial complex so feels free to improvise. www.writersontheair.com

0 thoughts on “WOA Open Mic-July 20th-w/ Feature Jeremy Greene”

  1. Jeremy, you continue to inspire and take us to another level! Thank you for sharing your gifts 🙂

    1. Many thanks for that, Marcie! And getting to know y’all has been a gift in itself. You and the team are awesome!

  2. Love the poetry my good friend. I’ve always enjoyed your lyrics. But now hearing your poetry I can understand how deep your thoughts and expression truly go.

  3. Long time since you posted this, but I appreciate it. Sometimes words alone with no backing are the most stark art.

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