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WOA Open Mic with Featured Guest- Katya Mills

Come and join writers, poets, word artists at WOA’s monthly Open Mic at a Meet and Greet Open Mic with Katya Mills as Featured Guest. More information about Katya and Writers On the Air here at Writers On the Air and at the Writers On the Air meetup page. Please RSVP either through Meetup.com or by contacting me through Meetup.com messaging.

Here’s some info about Katya from her website www.katyamills.com

I am an Independent Author,  Blogger,  Novelist, and Social Worker. I like silence and intermittent noise. I like mostly sunshine between great storms. I feel good when devoted to something. I love a little ritual madness. I probably seem a little off. I hope I always am. I wanna keep my heart in the right place. I like to get in and out of self. I believe in freedom of self-expression, and I work very hard at my craft. I hope you take the time to read something I wrote. I try and keep the language fresh, and experiment. The one and only common element is my style, which cements the language.  

If you like my work and care to help me continue on this path, please consider purchasing my books @ KATYA NOVELLA  or you can donate to my PAYPAL account by clicking KATYAMILLS@LIVE.COM  Thanks!

Though I often keep to myself, I have been inspired by community. We can leave the splicers and spammers and false prophets to spin out their karma through nefarious or sorry undertakings. Let them be common and transparent. I try and be nice and practice loving kindness, but not at the expense of honesty. My prayers go out to anyone who perpetrates ill will, online or off.

Inspire me, inspire you. Please share and reshare my work, so to inspire others! All of my writings / photos / videos / songs are naturally copyrighted K. Some of my Youtube videos are attributed to Creative Commons. My opinions and expressions are meant to raise consciousness, generate energy and deepen understanding. And sometimes I just need to let go.  – KatYa

WOA Open Mic-Featured Guest-Azin Sametipour- May 20th, 2017

Come Join Sacramento Area Writers at the Sacramento Poetry Center. There will be an open mic in addition to a reading by Azin Sametipour.

Azin Sametipour is a child of the Iranian revolution and its aftermath, born in Tehran before moving to the United States eighteen years later. She earned her bachelors degree in education from Cambridge College and began pursuing her life long dream of becoming a writer. People, especially women and their changing relationship with society, each other and history fascinate her and provide the inspiration to her work. Her debut novel, Tehran Moonlight, set in contemporary Iran, was awarded a starred review by Publishers Weekly and Best in the House by Authors in the House@ Grubstreet/Muse 2015 Boston. She currently lives in Northern California with her family.

Learn more at: www.azinsametipour.com
@ Goodreads: