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    Sacramento Poetry Alliance el gigante presents – An evening with  Tim Kahl   reading from California Sijo A Poetry and Prose presentation (via Zoom).   https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/9348057923   January 27, 2023, 7:00 to 8:30pm (hosted by Danny Romero) (the zoom door opens at 6:55pm) (open mic to follow)       Sacramento Poetry Alliance Upcoming Events 2023  1.14 […]

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    to the new version of Writers on the Air. The future is short and our stories are long. No matter what we write, it’s like any other art. I will be bringing you poetry, prose, storytelling and music from over the years. Since 2015, Writers on the Air provided spoken word recording opportunities from Son […]

  • Rogues Gallery-Special

    Deathrow Buddha

  • Poetry #1

    Poetry from 2018 featuring Claire Taylor, Joey, John Kojac, Todd Boyd

  • Stories

    Stories #1 Three stories told by Gena Barton, Kimberley Edwards, Ron Brady Stories #2 Three stories told by Pete Cruz, Susan Bonta, Joanne Leilani Carpenter

  • Art Poems

    Art poems or words embedded in some sort of visual or other medium are some of my favorite pieces of poetry. Many poets and word artists who combine some other medium with their word art can be very creative. One of my favorite poets is Kenneth Patchen who was a painter and poet. Here’s some […]

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  • She Was a High Class Lady

    An image poem

  • WOA230123

    Latest KUBU-96.5 Program- Aired January 23rd, 2023 Part 1 Part 2

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