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    Two Journal Entries- Notes From Borrego Springs and Writing Out at Silver Springs Journal- Everything is a Sin

  • Storytelling

    Black by Frederick Foote Three Stories Donella- Louie Had Three Wishes Two Stories- Lynette and Kimberley

  • A Place Called Sacramento

      A Place Called Sacramento       The Winners Have Been Selected!   We are proud to announce the ten winners of the “A Place Called Sacramento” scriptwriting competition.   It is worth noting that this scriptwriting competition is unique in the country; the contestants promise to produce their script into a film if…

  • Ozark Woman

    to Patti I never saw anything until i saw her in Dinosaur City. All my changes were there, like Neil Young said. If magic could be in anybody, it would have to be in her. No matter where she came from, some said the ozarks, someplace.  in missouri’s backward backwoods, amidst junkyard battered truck shells…

  • Event: Second Saturday in Natomas Poetry Event

  • Media

    Audio: Poetry from 2018 featuring Claire Taylor, Joey, John Kojac, Todd Boyd Sue Daley and Alisha Jones February 2016 Love Theme Son of a Bean Bettie, Kira, Lynette, Todd Boyd Todd Boyd-Gods Man at Poetry Park Protest Poetry- Pat, RoseAnn, Susan, Vicki

  • Rogues Gallery-Special

    White Rabbit Deathrow Buddha White Rabbit

  • Art Poems

    Art poems or words embedded in some sort of visual or other medium are some of my favorite pieces of poetry. Many poets and word artists who combine some other medium with their word art can be very creative. One of my favorite poets is Kenneth Patchen who was a painter and poet. Here’s some…

  • Storytelling:


    Three stories told by Pete Cruz, Susan Bonta, Joanne Leilani Carpenter Three stories told by Gena Barton, Kimberley Edwards, Ron Brady Franks Childhood Donella- Louie Had Three Wishes Essay-Storytelling, Fake Words, and the Internet by Elif Shafak AUDIO Storytelling #3- Donella, Todd, Gena, Marilyn Storytelling #2-Leonard Cohen, Billy Promised a Lizard, Coyote Sees Strange Men,…

  • Self-Publishing

    These are some comments I made before the California Writers Club back in 2018. Thanks for the invite. first of all I want to thank everyone for coming and especially Kim, who couldn’t come. I met Kim when she started coming to an open mic I host called writers on the air. Writers On the…

  • Event

    Sacramento Poetry Alliance Upcoming Events 2023  4.8  4.14 Simple Machines Group Reading with El Gigante 5.13 William O’ Daly and Lois P. Jones 6.10 Terry Ehret and John Johnson reading the works of Ulalume Gonzalez de Leon 7.8 Dave Boles Sacramento Poetry Center https://www.sacramentopoetrycenter.com/ Sacramento Storytelling Second Saturday in Natomas

  • Welcome…

    to the new version of Writers on the Air. The future is short and our stories are long. No matter what we write, it’s like any other art. I will be bringing you poetry, prose, storytelling and music from over the years. Since 2015, Writers on the Air provided spoken word recording opportunities from Son…

  • Episode 12- Following the Mercenaries

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-6rkyi-1412fdc An investigation into the medias attention on the Wagner Group and not any of the dozens of militia players in America’s wars

  • Episode 11- Book Review- Stamped From the Beginning

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-2iymv-1412d77 Book Review with rant- Deathrow Buddha-Stamped From the Beginning, an analysis of the total contextual and institutional development and maintenance of Racism in America

  • Episode 10-Book Review-Stamped From the Beginning Part 1

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-pwnu4-1412d2e Part 1 of 2 parts, book review, Stamped From the Beginning

  • Story

    Excerpt From Marat, Untrue Loves

  • In Memorium

    Mary McGrath

  • Voices Submission Request

    Getting pretty excited about VOICES 2023! I’ve received some great content so far, and I’m sure it is only going to get better. Deadline for submissions is June 18, 2023. Targeted publication date is September, 2023. Please submit your files in either PDF or DOC format. Submissions submitted in the body of an email will…