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to the new version of Writers on the Air. The future is short and our stories are long. No matter what we write, it’s like any other art.

I will be bringing you poetry, prose, storytelling and music from over the years. Since 2015, Writers on the Air provided spoken word recording opportunities from Son of a Bean to the Sacramento Poetry Center.

While I’m rebuilding Writers on the Air, the new Writers on the Air will bring the same poetry, prose, storytelling it has since 2015. WOA will also have some new and maybe, experimental revisions, such as exphrastic art, excerpts from novels, maybe a critique page, plus try a hand at screenwriting.

I’d also like to help anyone who wants to self-publish their chapbook or manuscript.

These are all things you can work with me on. I love collaborations and would be willing to help get you on the air as well as published or direct you to venues, readings, and events.

You can write to me: toddboyd@writersontheair.com. Make comments, suggestions, or send me your poetry, prose, story in a doc or audio file.


As for myself, I am an activist poet and writer. I’ve been writing for fifty years. Once a street activist in the sixties and seventies, writing has since been my main political action during my working and retirement life.

I’m a Cold War veteran in the Vietnam era. I was a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

I survived as a carpenter, railroad worker, a social studies teacher and welfare worker before I retired for good in 2005. Since then, I was a certified pool maintenance worker and a lifeguard.

    I have called Spokane (Wa), Altus (Ok), Stinson Beach (Ca), Florence (Ore), Corvallis (Ore), Portland (Ore), Juneau (Ak), and an “off the grid” self-built Arizona house my home at one time or another, all of which have provided me food for thought and love.

I sometimes write and publish under the name Allred Black.

I currently live and write in my hometown, Sacramento, California.

I define myself as an agnostically oriented skeptical believer in Hope and second, third, and fourth chances because there’s no future in believing only in your own fallibility, no matter how much attention/notoriety you get nor how smart you think you are.

I’ve been taken on some long rides down life’s roads and I’ve driven some too.

Nowadays I write illogical, political, mythological realism, narrative prose/poetry, and continue to try my literary hand as a self-published author, internet radio host, blogging, making some visual art, hosting both writing and open mic events, working on another novel, and enjoying whatever sports my body will let me do.

Self-published author of one novel (Marat, Untrue Loves), working on a second novel, Dinosar City, self-published four chapbooks-(Shark Poems, Caroline’s Adeline Street and Other Poems, Panacea, and Don’t Let the Rust Eat Away Your Lust), one book of short stories, (Allred’s Short Stories), one journal of personal history (The Election of 2012- A Year of Living Inside the Definition of Insanity). Radio programmer (KUBU-96.5LP-FM), blogger, website manager, and visual artist working with recycled materials.

Some of my work can be found at www.writersontheair.com and at my blog- www.saylavproductions.com.

I appreciate any attention that comes my way.

todd boyd, host





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